Busy life is not only for men anymore. It’s the problem of everyone, including the wives. Men might just need to take care of the business when they are at their office, then they can free themselves from the bombardments of work by joining other activities. Women can’t be the same because of tons of housework to take care of. It’s such a heavy burden to any woman no matter how good she could be in the kitchen. So the kitchen appliances are born to solve the problem about saving time and efforts for women. One of the most efficient kitchen tools is the slow cooker.

Slow Cooker

Dishes prepared with the best slow cooker such as meat with sauce, stewing meat and vegetables or porridge… are the best solution for busy housewives.

The cooking time is becoming shorter and shorter due to the fast pace of the modern life. In this case, slow cooker is definitely a saver for healthy and delicious meal.

The Slow cooker

Slow cooker is a popular type of kitchen appliance that are used mainly in Middle East and Western countries with many shapes, sizes, brands and prices. Slow cooker is also called the Crock – pot. We can simply understand that this type of pot uses the energy from the electricity to heat up the food in low and middle temperature. That’s why it takes more time to finish the cook in comparison with any other cooking methods.

Most types of best programmable slow cooker have up to 3 function buttons. The food is cooked fast or slow depends mainly on the function you choose. And of course, the food will be cooked faster under high temperature than in the low heat. Therefore if you want to cook for a day long, the temperature must be kept at low level.

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Here are some recommendations for some criteria of ceiling fan for the dining room, especially for a small room.

LED bulbs ceiling fans in a room of 22 m2

I am interested in purchasing a fan with light for a room of about 22m2 and would like to know what power would be desirable to have good lighting for the entire stay. It would be enough with a light bulb? Best 2? I'm looking MALTA JAVA and models. Allow LED bulbs?


If indeed it would be better a fan with 2 bulbs as the fan MALTA.

You can put an LED bulb without problems, but should be at least 800 lumens and 360 ° opening.

Ceiling fans to 125V

Apparently there are still some sites that are going to 125V. For these cases, it is very difficult to find a ceiling fan to operate at this power.

There are some homes that are thinking about export. I detail some models that we could serve in a case of a difference in whether these will be easy or very difficult to find the bulbs here.

Bulb Easy to find: (The first carries a halogen bulb and fluorescent second circular, and both carry ballast for 127V and give you the power to correct any such bulb)

Some relative recommendations:

Formentera Ceiling fans

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Using ceramic cookware is a bright idea because it is non-toxic and will not peel or chip. Apparently, if the cookware is peeling or chipping it is dangerous to health because of the toxins.

Including more vegetables and fruit in your diet plan and including healthy ingredients for your everyday cooking is simple when a person cook using the right cooking food pans as well as cooks resources. Simple cooking food techniques for example stir-frying as well as roasting are a very good way to consume more veggies. Stir-frying vegetables is really a fast, easy as well as tasty method of serving vegetable sides from any dinner.

Photo of a table top full of fresh vegetables fruit and other healthy foods.
Photo of a table top full of fresh vegetables fruit and other healthy foods.

Everyday cooking food pans like a stainless metal skillet or perhaps a saute pan is a superb choice for any quick stir-fry. A spatula along with a pot owner are 2 cooks tools you’ll need for correctly making the actual stir-fry.

quick stir-fry

The spatula is important to layer and throw the veggies as the pot holder enables you to grip the actual pan whilst tossing the actual veggies. Be sure you place the perfect amount associated with greens as well as veggies about the cooking cookware while mix frying. Use regarding four in order to five glasses of chopped veggies inside a normal size pan.

Another essential tip would be to dry the actual vegetable prior to putting them within the pan. Damp veggies will vapor and braise within the pan as well as lose their own crisp consistency. Simple cooks tools like a salad spinner or perhaps a colander would be the easiest methods to drain as well as dry the actual veggies prior to stir-frying all of them.


Greens for example romaine lettuce simply leaves, bok choy as well as veggies for example peppers, mushrooms, snow peas as well as asparagus tend to be excellent selections for stir-fry. Then add soy marinade, smashed garlic clove pods as well as chopped chilies towards the pan to include flavor towards the stir-fried vegetables. These veggies could be tossed in a vegetable essential oil.

stir-fried vegetables

Stews as well as soups tend to be excellent selections for eating much more veggies. Large cooking cookware like Nederlander ovens as well as soup pots may be used to make big quantities associated with soups as well as stews because side meals. When offered with breads, toppings as well as dumplings, soups as well as stews may become wholesome one-pot foods. Cooks resources like mandoline slicers or even cutting planks and razor-sharp knives tend to be excellent with regard to chopping as well as dicing big quantities associated with veggies with regard to soups as well as stews or even salads.

Stews as well as soups

Roasted the veggie before pureeing all of them enhances their own flavor. Soups as well as stews produced from butternut lead pages, sweet taters, carrots, and parsnips are ideal for winter. Period these winter-time sauces with broke garlic pods as well as freshly floor pepper.


Bon Appetit!

Writers Profile: Gibson Jones is really a certified inside designer as well as runs their own interior design consultancy. Gibson particularly loves decorating a house in wood furniture as well as believes which nothing provides home because warm as well as cozy an impression as all-wood furnishings and decoration. Gibson enjoys reading on new style ideas, and it has a special curiosity about space preserving techniques. Right here Gibson creates about Cooking food Pans as well as Cooks Resources.

Focus on the small living room decor. In an atmosphere at the top, no need to have a disproportionate surface. The wallpaper gaudy colors, clever furniture, beautiful materials ... And our small living room turns into ultra-stylish hangout.

Your living room is small frown? Do not worry, miss surface never meant running out of style! To revamp a micro seating easily, choose the character decorative accessories without much accumulate objects, choose some nice pieces remaining in the sketch. A width of wallpaper seam behind the sofa, a graphic carpet, some plants here and there, fine materials ... wake up space and give it maximum style without stifling volumes.

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When one has a small living room, you have to fight to make it as comfortable as a big. Therefore, optimizing the space of the room without touching her soft side requires a long process. Do not panic! We give you 4 tips to best arrange your small living room.

Select the sofa, the colors, and the decor ... So many questions that remain unanswered about the small rooms. Here are 4 tips:

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This lighting problem we all know is in the bathroom, too yellow or too white, with too many shadows, giving us look bad when we look in the mirror ... To see in the bathroom but also to provide perfect lighting, discover our special lighting this intimate room.

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